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DJL-8 Tablet electronic counting machine

 DJL-8 automatic multi-functional optical counting high-speed bottling machine is the most advanced multi-channel, under the vibration-type material, the calculation Machine control, dynamic scan count, the system self-test, fault indication alarm, automatic shutdown and other advanced technologies, according to GMP standard design, is a photoelectric machine count of the integration of high-tech pharmaceutical filling equipment.
 The machine can be widely used in many different shapes, sizes of tablets, capsules, pills, capsules and transparent soft drugs such as the Fast Counting of bottling, bottling accuracy of counting the advanced level of similar products at home and abroad.
1 Main features:
 Vibration Cutting: two-stage vibration, 8-channel;
 Reliable operation: Run a smooth, low noise;
 Counting accuracy: better than the national standard;
 Continuous operation: continuous blanking, decanting stops vibration;
 Feature matching: The system alarm, automatic shutdown, self-checking photoelectric sensor               and alarm;
 Operation is simple: use intelligent design and operator training can be operated simply,      dismantling, cleaning, replacement parts easy without tools;
Dust seal: full-closed design.
The use of environmental conditions:
Room temperature 0 ℃ ~ 30 ℃, relative humidity less than 80%, no vibration and strong light.
2 the main technical indicators
1. Application of drugs range: 000 ~ 5 # capsules, Ф5.5 ~ 16 Tablets, sugar-coated tablet, Ф3-16 pill, 00 ~ 5 # transparent soft capsule.
2. For bottle container: bottle diameter Ф20-40, bottle diameter Ф35-60, bottle of high 20-150 plastic bottles, glass bottles.
3. Mounted adjustable volume range :20-9999.
4. Counting speed :1000-4000 / min
5. Counting Speed :20-30 bottles / min (depending on dosage form, the bottle specification, loading volume and put bottles of speed).
6. Counting error: ≤ 1 ‰
7. Power and Power: AC220V 50HZ 0.5KW
8. Weight: 110Kg
9. Dimension: 110 × 37 × 69 (cm)



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